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Half Marathon Training Plan – The Basics

Jul 11

A half marathon is exactly what it sounds like, a road race that consists of half the distance of a full marathon. That distance of course is 21-kilometers or 13.1 miles depending on your preference of either the metric or imperial system of measurement.

It should be noted that world records for the half marathon are now ratified by the International Association of Athletics Federations, the international governing body for the sport of athletics.

Half marathons have been growing consistently in popularity over recent years due to the fact that it encompasses a challenging distance for runners while half marathon training plans can be less intense than those plans required for a full 42-kilometer marathon. Usually half marathons are held in conjuncture with full marathons, using the same course layout but starting at a later time. This allows runners who are either not yet ready, or have no desire to run a full 42-kilometer marathon to compete in a long distance run.

As mentioned above training for a half marathon is typically less stressful than that of a full marathon simply because of the notable distance between the two. Usually people interested in running or competing in full marathons start out participating in half marathons because it’s an excellent preparation for both the heavy physical and mental stresses placed on the body during such and incredibly long distance run. Training plans can vary and we’ll discuss them in much more detail in the following post.

Generally speaking training for a half or full marathon consists of about twelve weeks of training, each week building up endurance. Of course this is just a broad generalization as people’s training needs vary considerably. The main idea is to build up cardiovascular endurance along with mental stamina and perseverance over the set training period while tapering off about a week or two before the race or event. This of course is to eliminate the chances of injuries prior to the race.

For those aspiring runners who have never run any serious long distance but want to get into running marathons the marathon is of course the logical answer. It should be noted that for absolute beginner runners, this plan might be too daunting which could lead to injury or straight up frustration with the sport. That being said there is always 5km and 10km runs to start out with before progressing to a half marathon. In the next post we will look more closely at various training plans and how to properly select the one that best suites you.

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What is Tonsillitis

Jul 11

The tonsils are lymphatic tissues located on both sides of the back of the throat. The purpose of the tonsils is to produce antibodies to fight respiratory infections entering through the nose, mouth or throat. Sometimes, during this fight the tonsils themselves succumb to an infection called tonsillitis. The adenoids are another set of lymphatic tissues located in the back of the nasal cavity that also assist the tonsils in fighting infection. It is not unusual for both the tonsils and adenoids to become infected resulting in a surgical procedure called Tonsillectomy and Adenoidectomy. (T&A)


Tonsillitis is very common in children in the age range of 3-7 years.

At birth the tonsils are small. Later they increase in size. Between the ages of 3-7 years they become very large. Between the age of 7-8 years they shrink.

Tonsillectomy is a very common childhood operation.

1 in every 10,000 people under the age of 18 years have tonsillectomy in a year.

In 1994 it was 48 in every 10,000 people under 18 years that had a tonsillectomy in a year.

Today tonsillectomy is a last resort treatment.

It is interesting to note that the first report of a tonsillectomy procedure was made by Roman surgeon Celsius in 30 AD.

Tonsillitis is a contagious disease. It is spread by droplets through coughing, sneezing and through personal contact such as kissing.

Persons with Tonsillitis should avoid close person to person contact until 24 hours after antibiotic treatment has started.

Proper hand washing is also one of the keys to preventing cross contamination to others.


According to Wikipedia the free Encyclopedia; infection of the tonsils may be:

Acute, Sub-acute and Chronic.

Acute infection: this may be caused by a bacteria or virus.

Sub-acute infection: this is caused by bacterium Actinomyces and can last a period of 3 weeks or up to 3 months.

Chronic infection: this is a bacterial infection that can lasts for long periods of time if it is not treated . In these cases a tonsillectomy will be recommended by the otolaryngologist.


One of the first symptom is a severe throat along with:

Pain on swallowing.

Ear pain especially when swallowing, this is because the same nerves at the back of the throat also goes to the ears.


Fever with chills.

Nausea and vomiting.


On oral examination the tonsils will appear red, swollen, tender and enlarged.

There may also be white patches on the tonsillar tissue.


The Otolaryngologist (Ear, Nose and Throat Specialist) will take a throat swab to send to the lab for a culture study to diagnose the type of infection.

If the infection is due to a bacteria usually penicillin is the antibiotic ordered.

Treatment will also include pain management sometimes in the form of throat lozenges.

Lots of fluids will also be recommended.

Gargling with warm salt water helps to sooth and relieve the soreness of the throat.

If conservative treatment does not work removal of the tonsils (tonsillectomy) will be prescribed by the Otolaryngologist.

The following symptoms requires Emergency Medical attention when one has tonsillitis:


Difficulty breathing.

Inability to eat or drink.

These symptoms may be due to swelling of the tonsils or the formation of a peritonsillar abscess.

Peritonsillar abscess afflicts 1 person in 3000 per year.

The tonsils are one of the first line of defense against infections to the nose, mouth and throat. When their defense break down you must seek medical attention.

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Using an EPT Pregnancy Test

Jul 11

You’re due for your period but, there are still no signs of it. You doubt you may be pregnant. However, you and your partner are not yet ready for it. What could be a cheap and accurate method to test for pregnancy?

If you do not want to wait, you could go for an EPT pregnancy test. EPT which stands for Early Pregnancy Test is a home pregnancy test that allows you to test for pregnancy at the earliest. In fact this test is one of the most popular brands among the home pregnancy tests. This article aims at shedding light on the EPT home pregnancy test- the types, its working and the method of reading an EPT test.

Types of EPT Tests

There are two main types -The regular EPT test and the digital EPT test. Both, the regular and digital pregnancy tests are based on the same principle. They detect the presence of HCG in urine. Each of the tests is designed for different sensitivity levels.

The main difference in the two is the manner in which they represent results. Positive test results on a regular EPT test are denoted with two pink lines or a plus sign while negative results are denoted by a single pink line or a minus sign. Digital EPT tests enhance readability by dispensing with the use of signs and symbols. It displays “Pregnant” for positive results and “Not pregnant for negative results. So, there is no scope of blunders with faint or half lines. It is either a clear yes or no; there is nothing in between.

Some EPT tests have an added feature. There are two windows. The first window is a square window used to indicate if the test is working or not. The second is the round window that indicates the results. Digital tests flash “Test Ready” option.

Using an EPT test

Which ever type of EPT test you buy, one should take time to read the package instructions carefully. The basic component of an EPT kit is a pen like handheld device containing the absorbent strip. The absorbent strip is covered with a cap. You have to uncap the EPT strip to use it for testing.

The Digital EPT pregnancy test varies slightly in its design. It comprises of two parts which includes the test holder with the digital readout screen and the tester (absorbent strip). They have to be affixed before it is used for testing. There are directional arrows to show you how. A click indicates that it has been fitted appropriately.

When testing, the tip of the absorbent strip is dipped into the urine. It can be held in a stream of urine for at least 5 seconds or it can be dipped into the urine sample collected in a cup. Allow the tester to stand for the recommended reaction time (approximately 2 minutes). The results will be displayed in the result window. The best urine sample to test for pregnancy is the first morning urine. It has high concentrations of HCG and will give the most accurate results. Avoid missing reaction time or waiting beyond the mentioned reaction time as it will render your test invalid.

You can purchase your home pregnancy testing kit at your local drugstore. Make sure that you check the expiry or best before date when buying it.

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What Do Labor Contractions Feel Like

Jul 11

Contractions are the most painful process of the pregnancy but do not worry if you know in advance. Women have to experience such conditions to have a healthy baby.

But in general, what do they feel like if labor contractions during pregnancy? If you feel something like contractions, you do not have to harry to run somewhere, because they are still very feeble, but the feeling is – if you have PMS, pulling the stomach, somehow it hurts waist. When battles to behave calmly, do not panic and do not cheat yourself, such as, “how can I face,” Calm down, parents, and if this is the first child, the circumstances under good seven hours just parents.

So, it took another two hours and the contractions become frequent, it is time to take a bag and forth, in a maternity home. There you will draw up, will do all that is needed for delivery and sent to the ward, waiting for the start. When the contractions become more frequent and more painful, try to breathe properly, namely a nose to inhale and exhale mouth, you’ll see that it’s easier. Mouth breathing can you override the child oxygen, and it has a lack of oxygen – it is born purple, you do not want to! Do you feel that you have PMS, but a thousand times more painful, but you are a strong woman.

Doctors will come to watch how the disclosure in the womb, listening to the heartbeat of the child, well, and of course you have to comfort and tell jokes. When battles recommended more walking and do not drink the water, but see for yourself, of course liters of drinking water is not necessary, but in the prone position, you may find it easier to transfer it all.

Then, when the disclosure would be 10 cm, and attempts to start, but that’s all it is time to family room, and everything happens quickly.

Council for future mums: Listen to whatever the doctor tells you and you give birth very quickly and without additional pain. I wish you light delivery and healthy babies! I think this article will help you to do everything in right way and to prepare yourself for the best moment of your life.

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Garcinia Cambogia Dosage – Tips & Precautions

Jul 11

Garcinia cambogia is one of the most popular weight loss aids on the market today. The supplement, made from the rind of the Garcinia fruit, is touted as one of the most effect aids that help reduce cravings, stabilize moods, burn fat and reduce cholesterol levels in the blood stream. The added bonus of it being 100% natural with very few noticeable side effects has seen its quick rise as one of the most highly acclaimed weight loss solutions.

The correct garcinia dosage varies depending a lot of factors including the subjects weight, age, and the brand of extract you are using. Because the amount of active ingredient varies a lot depending on the manufacturer, the dosage amount will also vary.

The correct dosage varies depending your present weight & metabolic rate. The standard recommended dose for weight loss is somewhere between 500 mg and 1500 mg a day if the extract contains at least 50% HCA. It is important to make sure you are using a solid and quality brand for maximum active ingredient and the best results. Most good brands of the extract will call for three pills a day, or one before every meal.

If the supplement is used solely as an appetite suppressant or to help control snacking or stress eating then lower doses of one pill a day have been reported to work very well. Higher doses are best for active weight loss efforts, fat burning, and sugar and fat suppression.

Unless you eating habits are extremely unhealthy, there is no reason to actively change your diet while taking the supplement. Because garcinia cambogia extract inhibits the creation of new fat cells and prevents your liver from absorbing and using sugars and oils in your food it essentially fixes your diet for you. This essentially eliminates the need to modify your diet, although creating healthy eating habits will help you keep off the weight lost for much longer.

The timing of each dosage is a very important part of achieving the best results, taking the pill about half an hour before you eat each meal is best and is the most effective way to achieve the best results with the supplement. Because garcinia extract is water-soluble it is absorbed very quickly and goes to work even faster. Waiting the thirty minutes before your meal is the best way to ensure you get the full effects and your it is dissolved completely.

Individuals on low-carb diets tend to experience less immediate weight loss than other users. The reason is because the active ingredient in the extract works by blocking the creation of fatty cells from carbohydrates. So, if you are already cutting down or have eliminated carbohydrates from your diet the results of the supplement will be less pronounced.

Many users have also opted for taking the supplement after meals to help them avoid snacking. Although there is very no evidence that there is a danger of overdosing on the supplement, it is best to be cautious and follow the instructions provided as far as minimum and maximum dosage is concerned. This will eliminate the possibility of any unpleasant side effects due to an excess of the supplement in your system.

Garcinia cambogia is one of the most promising natural weight loss supplements available on the market today. It is highly acclaimed by celebrities and fitness experts around the country and has been featured on many well known and respected TV shows, such as Dr Oz. The supplement, when taken correctly, and raise serotonin levels and increase weight loss exponentially.

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