Smoking a half to take a urine test

Jan 10
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If i smoked a half of joint an took a urine test the next day would it come back positive ? that is the first time i smoked in two years . also i mixed my urine with someone elses, i was going to use just theirs but it was not enough so i mixed them?

Based off of scientific facts, u should definitely fail that drug test… takes 3 days from the THC to work its way out of your system

also sounds disturbing and kinda gay that u mixed your urine with another persons I mean seriously you’d b handling like warm urine sample cups and shit… when i do urine samples i get nauseous by fucking holding the cup

Basically u couldn’t have covered the THC even by diluting it with another person’s urine… If u drank a lot of water and peed alot then u might’ve had a chance but if u ask me u have no way of passing that test.

I smoked meth once and I just got notice to take a urine drug test for a job in 48 hours, does anyone know of home remedies to pass?

Nope, you’re screwed. You may pay for that mistake for a while. Hopefully you will learn from it. Try something a little less ILLEGAL. How much did you smoke? You may be OK, if it was a small amount, very small.

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