Using an EPT Pregnancy Test

Jul 11
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You’re due for your period but, there are still no signs of it. You doubt you may be pregnant. However, you and your partner are not yet ready for it. What could be a cheap and accurate method to test for pregnancy?

If you do not want to wait, you could go for an EPT pregnancy test. EPT which stands for Early Pregnancy Test is a home pregnancy test that allows you to test for pregnancy at the earliest. In fact this test is one of the most popular brands among the home pregnancy tests. This article aims at shedding light on the EPT home pregnancy test- the types, its working and the method of reading an EPT test.

Types of EPT Tests

There are two main types -The regular EPT test and the digital EPT test. Both, the regular and digital pregnancy tests are based on the same principle. They detect the presence of HCG in urine. Each of the tests is designed for different sensitivity levels.

The main difference in the two is the manner in which they represent results. Positive test results on a regular EPT test are denoted with two pink lines or a plus sign while negative results are denoted by a single pink line or a minus sign. Digital EPT tests enhance readability by dispensing with the use of signs and symbols. It displays “Pregnant” for positive results and “Not pregnant for negative results. So, there is no scope of blunders with faint or half lines. It is either a clear yes or no; there is nothing in between.

Some EPT tests have an added feature. There are two windows. The first window is a square window used to indicate if the test is working or not. The second is the round window that indicates the results. Digital tests flash “Test Ready” option.

Using an EPT test

Which ever type of EPT test you buy, one should take time to read the package instructions carefully. The basic component of an EPT kit is a pen like handheld device containing the absorbent strip. The absorbent strip is covered with a cap. You have to uncap the EPT strip to use it for testing.

The Digital EPT pregnancy test varies slightly in its design. It comprises of two parts which includes the test holder with the digital readout screen and the tester (absorbent strip). They have to be affixed before it is used for testing. There are directional arrows to show you how. A click indicates that it has been fitted appropriately.

When testing, the tip of the absorbent strip is dipped into the urine. It can be held in a stream of urine for at least 5 seconds or it can be dipped into the urine sample collected in a cup. Allow the tester to stand for the recommended reaction time (approximately 2 minutes). The results will be displayed in the result window. The best urine sample to test for pregnancy is the first morning urine. It has high concentrations of HCG and will give the most accurate results. Avoid missing reaction time or waiting beyond the mentioned reaction time as it will render your test invalid.

You can purchase your home pregnancy testing kit at your local drugstore. Make sure that you check the expiry or best before date when buying it.

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