What Do Labor Contractions Feel Like

Jul 11
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Contractions are the most painful process of the pregnancy but do not worry if you know in advance. Women have to experience such conditions to have a healthy baby.

But in general, what do they feel like if labor contractions during pregnancy? If you feel something like contractions, you do not have to harry to run somewhere, because they are still very feeble, but the feeling is – if you have PMS, pulling the stomach, somehow it hurts waist. When battles to behave calmly, do not panic and do not cheat yourself, such as, “how can I face,” Calm down, parents, and if this is the first child, the circumstances under good seven hours just parents.

So, it took another two hours and the contractions become frequent, it is time to take a bag and forth, in a maternity home. There you will draw up, will do all that is needed for delivery and sent to the ward, waiting for the start. When the contractions become more frequent and more painful, try to breathe properly, namely a nose to inhale and exhale mouth, you’ll see that it’s easier. Mouth breathing can you override the child oxygen, and it has a lack of oxygen – it is born purple, you do not want to! Do you feel that you have PMS, but a thousand times more painful, but you are a strong woman.

Doctors will come to watch how the disclosure in the womb, listening to the heartbeat of the child, well, and of course you have to comfort and tell jokes. When battles recommended more walking and do not drink the water, but see for yourself, of course liters of drinking water is not necessary, but in the prone position, you may find it easier to transfer it all.

Then, when the disclosure would be 10 cm, and attempts to start, but that’s all it is time to family room, and everything happens quickly.

Council for future mums: Listen to whatever the doctor tells you and you give birth very quickly and without additional pain. I wish you light delivery and healthy babies! I think this article will help you to do everything in right way and to prepare yourself for the best moment of your life.

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